What Services Do Frontier Airlines Offer ? [Everything To Know In 2022]


Are you looking to fly by Frontier Airlines ?

Do you want to know , if you can stream your favorite TV Shows , Music onboard with WIFI Network at Frontier Airlines ?

You have come to the right place , Read on to find out more details on Frontier Airlines

Since , Everybody has been asking about the In-Flight Experience at Frontier Airlines and the official Frontier website does not offer any information on frequently asked questions.

In this guide , We shall share all the details about what the frontier airlines provide as service. We have tried to answer all the frequently asked questions.

Do Frontier Airlines Offer WIFI Services In 2022 ?

No , Frontier Airlines do not offer WIFI services onboard , It’s because they do not want to raise the prices of the Fare , since they want to offer affordable flights to customers.

Although , In 2012 , Frontier Airlines had started giving WIFI services to customers , with 30 minute trial in February. But , have stopped now.

One good reason of not offering WIFI services to customers , is the actual cost of implementing Inflight WIFI services. WIFI’s on Airplane does not really offer the best download and upload speeds.

Even a lot of Airlines , who offer WIFI services , charge customers monthly subscription for the WIFI usage , and do not really offer up to the mark WIFI services.

People have been asking on Reddit , if they are able to do Zoom meetings on Frontier Airlines. Actually , Most WIFI Speeds with In-Flight services are 500 – 700 KBPS , which is not really a good speed for streaming and attending meetings.

Most major airlines like American Airlines have tied up with GOGO Internet Services , to offer In-flight WIFI. But they increase the prices for Airlines fare’s.

In short , Frontier Airlines want to offer super affordable flight prices for their customers , thus they do not really offer WIFI services , other complimentary benefits like Drinks , Beverages , Food which are usually paid.

Frontier Airlines WIFI Plans

Although currently , Frontier Airlines do not offer WIFI services , They did offer few plans for WIFI.

Frontier Airlines , did try to run a free WIFI campaign , where users can have access to free WIFI for over an year , by just visiting the Airlines Facebook Page.

The WIFI fee at Frontier’s Airlines was around $4.95 for mostly laptop with flights as long as 650 miles. If flights exceeding 651 miles , the price was $9.95. Also , if you were planning to travel more than 1200 miles , The WIFI fee was $12.95.

For All mobile devices like Android and iPhone’s , the overall WIFI price was $4.95 for flights as long as 650 miles and $7.95 for longer flights.

Back in 2012 , Frontier also had an option for passengers for trying our their WIFI service at $1.95 for 15 minutes. on board.

Do Frontier Airlines Offer Drinks and Snacks ?

Yes , Frontier Airlines do offer complimentary drinks and snacks , but one must have to pay for availing the these services.

The Airline really wants to stay the cheapest option for customers to travel across United States. Cutting few free complimentary services , will allow Airlines to actually reduce the Ticket Fare a lot.

Hence , if anybody’s really interested in buying these extra services , they will have to pay for it.

Do Frontier Airlines Offer Seat Belt Extenders ?

No , FAA do not really offer the seat belt extenders , The main reason is because of safety issues. If you want you bring your own , or politely ask the cabin crew to arrange one.

One of the best way to ask for a seat belt extender , is to check in a bit early. Since , Early on boarders , have a lot of vacant seats , and Staff might be very responsive towards your requests.

Do Frontier Airlines Offer Travel Insurance ?

Absolutely Yes , Your FAA Ticket does have a Travel Insurance covered with the fare price. If you are having any issues with availing your travel insurance , You can contact the Frontier Airlines support Team.

You might also contact to 866-385-4839  for travel insurance support , or browse around the portal travelguard.com.

Do Frontier Airliners Offer Refunds ?

Yes , Frontier Airlines do offer a complete refund for all the tickets purchased and cancelled within 24 Hours.

However , They do not offer any refunds if , your travel days is near to purchased for travel within 7 days.

FAA do have a refunds support team to look into these refunds ,   You can contact them at : 801-401-9000.

To ask for a refund , You need to cancel the ticket from “Manage My Booking”. All the steps is pretty straight-forward to complete , You just have to login into FAA.com cancel it.

Does Frontier Airlines Offer First Class ?

Yes , FAA does have a First Class for people who want to spend some extra money on the luxury , priority boarding , additional baggage , unlimited in-flight entertainment and beverages.

If you want to fly first class in Frontier Airlines , Follow below steps to book a First class ticket:-

  1. Login to Frontier Airlines Website
  2. Now , Just navigate to “My Trip” section on main page.
  3. Also, You just have to fill in all the details including the Last Name , and  the booking reference number too.
  4. When you search , You will be in the current booking section of the check-in.
  5. Now , Just select the reservation for which you want to upgrade to First class service.
  6. Finally Just choose the “Classic Plus” option from a list of upgrade options , and Pay for the upgrade.
  7. You should have all the details sent to your email address , from the Frontier Airlines.

Do Frontier Airlines Offer Military Discounts ?

Yes , Frontier Airlines do offer few Military discounts to the savers of the nation. Currently , FAA is allowing following perks to all the military personnel travelling across United States.

  • A free personal item.
  • One piece of free carry-on luggage.
  • Two pieces of free checked baggage.
  • The Overall fee for oversized and overweight baggage is waived for the first two free-checked luggages.

However , There are few exceptions to availing the Military discounts . All the military people should be actively serving the military , and all the perks & discounts like free carry-on are not currently offered to Veterans. on FAA (Frontier Airlines).


Frontier Airline is super affordable option , if you planning to fly across United States. Customer’s who travel are often happy because of cheaper flying options than most other costly airlines like American Airlines , Delta Airlines and so on.

If you really don’t care about luxury travel with complimentary benefits like free carry-on’s , beverages and WIFI services, One must definitely choose to Fly with Frontier Airlines.

We hope , our compile guide to all the services offered by Frontier Airlines help you in making a educative decision about choosing your next Flying Operator.

If you feel , There’s anything , You wish , This guide could cover.

Feel free to comment below , with all your questions. We shall definitely answer them.

Thanks for reading !

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