What Does Volaris Airlines Have For Travelers ? [Update In 2022]


Are you planning to travel by Volaris Airlines ?

If you are , You probably want to know if they offer Onboard WIFI Service , Inflight entertainment. You have come to right place.

Volaris is a low-cost Mexico based Airlines mainly operate in Latin American. They are best known for providing excellent affordable travel options across major cities like Monterrey , Cancún and León.

It has major hubs in Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Tijuana , and is based out of Santa Fe , New Mexico.

In this article , We have tried to gather all the information about Volaris Airlines , like do they offer WIFI services on flights , Inflight entertainment services or first class , free food and so on.

Let’s find out all the details ,

Do Volaris Airlines Offer WIFI To Customers ?

Sadly , NO , Volaris does not provide any WIFI Services to customers. When you onboard , You don’t get to connect with any WIFI network , and might not be able to actually do any online activities like streaming videos , listening music.

If you really want to stay connected during your Flight on Volaris , Only option you could have is to use Mobile Internet for some time , till the cabin crew ask’s you to put the Mobile Device on Airplane mode.

Airlines like Allegiant , which operates in North America. also do not have any Inflight WIFI service. It’s a kind of disadvantage for traveler’s who really want to stay connected , and enjoy their time browsing their favorite YouTube videos.

People have been sharing their journey with Volaris Airlines mainly by posting on Twitter, There’s a lot of request from user’s who just like:-

“One of the best advantages of Flying by Volaris is majority of flights don’t have layover , which saves a ton of time , and also it’s clean and budget friendly” – Jorge said on his twitter account.

However , There’s no Inflight Entertainment provided by Airlines , which makes it somewhat difficult for customer’s to pass their time , mainly on long duration flights.

We request Volaris Airlines customer support do look into these issues faced by their customers , and try to resolve them at the earliest.

How to Connect WIFI On Volaris Airlines ?

You can only connect to mobile data Internet , if you have an active data pack available. There’s no WIFI on the Airlines , thus you cannot really connect to any WIFI Network when you onboard.

Even if the Airlines does not have a WIFI Network , You are free to use your own mobile Internet to stay connected on AirPlanes.

Steps to connect Internet (via Mobile Network):-

We only advice browsing and surfing Internet , as long as there are no restrictions from the Airlines Cabin crew for your safety reasons.

Here’s how you can connect to Internet (Without WIFI Network In Volaris)

  • Step 1: Turn On Internet Data (You should be able to see if your Internet connection is active by scrolling from Top)
  • Step 2: You can also go to Settings > Sim & Network Settings > Turn Data On
  • Step 3: Please make sure , since you are using Mobile Internet , You have proper settings enabled by your service providers , as well you have an active data plan on your mobile number.
  • Step 4: Once all above steps are clear , You can go around and browse Internet on Volaris Airplane (without even WIFI Network).

There’s few things to note with Mobile Internet , You might only be allowed the access the Internet , before take off , since Cabin crew will ask you to Put your mobile phone on Airplane Mode , to avoid any issues.

We highly recommend you to prefill , all your favorite shows , and movies on your device. In this way , You can enjoy your journey fully , without getting interrupted by any Internet service on Airlines.

Do Volaris Airlines Offer First Class For Customers ?

Yes , Volaris Airlines do offer Premium seating services and First class seats for their customers. Airlines has 1 to 5 rows booked for Premium customer’s who are ready to pay some extra fee for travelling in Luxury.

They also have a business class seating , which you can book from a SkyLuxTravel. SkyluxTravel offer great discounts on Luxury travel options mainly in business , first class and premium economy options on Volaris and other Carriers.

If there Free Food Available On Volaris Airlines ?

If you are travelling in the Economy class in the Airlines , You might get “Volaris Meals” for free , when you onboard. However, Airlines have a rich “In The Clouds” menu , where in you can get to taste the authentic food from Mexico.

Some users are also claiming to have Free Dinks on the Flight. WE do not really have a concrete information , about free drinks. It’s totally to you , how you want to discover and explore further.

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