Does Turkish Airlines Have WIFI ? [Everything To Know In 2022]


Are you planning to fly by Turkish Airlines ?

Do you want to know , if Turkish Airlines offer Free WIFI Services onboard ? You have come to the right place.

Having a great WIFI connection certainly helps , if you are travelling for a business purpose. You can quickly complete a lot of work on-flight saving a lot of time indeed !.

You can easily connect your Laptop or mobile devices , and start streaming your favorite movies or songs in-flight.

There are lot of Airlines , which offer great WIFI connectivity , but Turkish Airlines really stand out , with exception customer service , and best in class WIFI standards.

In this article we shall discuss WIFI details on Turkish Airlines , WIFI plans at Turkish Airlines and much more.

Do Turkish Airlines Offer Free WIFI ?

Yes , Turkish Airlines offer free WIFI services to Business class Travelers and Miles & Smiles Card Holders.

Turkish Airlines have partnered with Turk Telekom , which is a WIFI service provider for all major Turkish Aircrafts.

WIFI is added as an complimentary benefit in these classes , and is absolutely free of cost.

There’s are few exceptions to Free WIFI , You can get Unlimited Internet access for Business Class Person and those who have a Miles & Smiles Elite Card or Elite Plus Card .

If someone only has a Business Class Ticket , he/she will have a WIFI data usage limit of 1 GB , while those who are having Miles & Smiles Card / Elite Plus Card will get 400 MB of WIFI usuage.

Airlines also offer , 10 MB WIFI data for people who have Miles & Smiles Classic Card / Class Plus Card.

However , If somebody does not really have the Cards and a Business Class and are travelers of Economy class , He/she will have to pay to have access to the In-Flight WIFI Service offered by the Carrier.

The Fee is based on the quota used by individuals , on the flight. Here’s a complete table for WIFI quota & the fee associated with it.

WIFI Data QuotaFee
20 MB2.99 USD
50 MB4.99 USD
100 MB7.99 USD
250 MB14.99 USD
500 MB24.99 USD

Economy Travelers can now opt for the plan and quota , they need for watching videos , streaming music and other online tasks 🙂

In case , If anyone’s having issue with connecting the WIFI Service at Turkish Airlines , There’s also a help video , which anybody can access with all the steps on how you can connect to Turkish Airlines WIFI.

Apart for the Free WIFI , Turkish Airlines also offer a Live TV Service. Aircraft’s like A350, A330, B787, and B777 , do offer Live TV + International Roaming Services.

Steps to connect Turkish Airlines WIFI :

To connect Turkish Airlines WIFI , You need to have a Turk Telekom Account , Just follow all the steps below to connect Turkish Airlines WIFI :-

  1. Turn on the WIFI on your Laptop or Mobile. (Please make sure , You have a Flight more ON, for safety reasons)
  2. Now , Just select the “Türk Telekom WiFi Fly “ , Wireless network.
  3. Once you have connected to WIFI successfully , You need to browse the URL : , (You can use Firefox , Chrome , or Explorer) and click on the “Connect”.
  4. Also , You have to select the WIFI plan to buy as a complimentary.
  5. Finally , In order to access the WIFI , Just enter your passenger information and complete the payment for the transaction.

All the classes in Turkish Airlines , can use the Türk Telekom WiFi Fly service  , and buy the preferrable plan they need , and start accessing the Internet onboard.

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