Does Starbucks Have A Free WIFI ? [Know Everything In 2022]


Do you want to know , if Starbucks has WIFI ? You have come to the right place.

In this article , We shall share all the details about Starbucks WIFI Name , How to connect to Starbucks WIFI and more details.

Starbucks is a place to go if you need a quick coffee , or even want a break from your busy schedule.

Do you know it’s also a best place to work , because they have free WIFI for their customers .

You can easily send emails , do your online work by connecting to WIFI at Starbucks for free.

Due to free WIFI connectivity at Starbucks , People have started asking WIFI details and how long you can remain connected to Starbucks WIFI.

We try to answer all of your WIFI questions at Starbucks , We hope you might find great value in all of our answers.

Does Starbucks Offer Free WIFI In 2022 ?

Yes , Absolutely. Starbucks have been providing free WIFI services to all their customers since 2010

Some of the Starbucks locations , don’t really allow Free WIFI , and asks customers to pay for it , when they order from Starbucks.

However , These Starbucks location are few ones. Most of the locations have free access to WIFI for customers. In case , You have any issues with connecting to Free WIFI at Starbucks , You can contact with their customer care .

Starbuck’s is one of few companies with best in class customer support, If you have any problem with the service at Starbucks at any of their locations.

How To Connect To Starbucks WIFI ?

Starbucks allow customers to connect to their WIFI , but every Starbucks location has a different WIFI name. For Example: If you are outside US (United States) , say in India , You will have to connect with the “Tata Docomo” WIFI.

While , Customers in US (United States) will see a Google Starbucks WIFI , because Starbucks uses Google Fiber Internet Connection across all US (United States) locations.

Here’s complete steps to how you can connect WIFI at Starbucks in US (United States) and India.

Steps to connect Starbucks WIFI In India :-

In order to access Starbucks WIFI , you will have to be in range of nearby Starbucks Store.

Just follow below steps to connect to Starbucks WIFI in India:-

  1. Turn on the WIFI on your Laptop , iPhone or Android Devices.
  2. Connect to the “Tata Docomo” WIFI.
  3. Once connected to the WIFI , Just navigate to any website. (You then should get redirected to the Starbucks WIFI login page)
  4. Just fill in the details about (Name , Email and Phone Number) and submit to register.
  5. After submitting , You should receive the Serial Number and Pin on your mobile number.
  6. Submit your Serial Number and Pin on next page , to start using WIFI at Starbucks.

Can’t connect to Starbucks WIFI In India ?

You can reach out to Starbucks customer care number (18602660010) or email the support team at [email protected].

Steps to connect Starbucks WIFI In United States:-

To connect to WIFI , Please ensure you are in WIFI range of Starbucks Free WIFI Network.

Just follow the steps below to connect to Starbucks WIFI in United States:-

  1. Turn on the WIFI in your device like Laptop , Mobile.
  2. Once your WIFI is On , Connect to “Google Starbucks” or “Google Teavana” WIFI .
  3. Please note: WIFI name depends on the Starbucks store location, you are in.
  4. After connecting , Browse around any website and you should get redirected to the login portal for Free WIFI.
  5. Now , In Login Portal , Submit your details like First Name and Last Name , Email , Zip Code.
  6. After submitting the details , You can just “Accept and Connect”.

Since , Your email address is with Starbucks , You can find multiple marketing offers sent by Starbucks , You can opt out of these offers by clicking on Unsubscribe at the bottom.

Once connected , You need not need to re-connect again. You will automatically be connected again , if you visit the same Starbucks location.

Can’t connect to Starbucks WIFI In United States ?

In case of any help with WIFI connect , Feel free to contact the Starbucks customer service team at (855) 446-2374 or contact at : Starbucks Customer Care

List of Starbucks Locations With WIFI In Singapore :-

Here’s few Starbucks location where WIFI is available , where you can enjoy your coffee with your favorite shows:-

  • 587 Bukit Timah Road , Singapore
  • Bishan CC , 51 Bishan Street 13 , Singapore
  • AMK HUB , 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 , Singapore
  • HDB Hub , Blk 490, Lor 6 toa Payoh#01-14Singapore, 01 310490
  • Zhongshan Mall , 20 Ah Hood Road , Singapore
  • Mount Elizabeth, Novena Hospital , 38, Irrawaddy Road #01-14
  • Wheelock Place , 501, Orchard Road

Does Philippines Have Starbucks Locations with WIFI ?

There’s a lot Starbucks store in the entire Philippine’s. Not all of them have WIFI , but we have listed few locations , where you can get free WIFI in Philippines :-

Rustan Coffee Corporation is a Philippine based fir, , who have the the licenses for operating in the entire Philippines .

List of Starbucks Locations with WIFI in Egypt :-

Egypt has few store , but Cairo has the Starbucks Store , where you can have free WIFI as well , along with your nice cup of Coffee.

Cairo Festival City , is the main event where a lot of crowd is organized , and Almost all restaurants and offices have WIFI in there , but not all the malls have WIFI.

List of Starbucks Locations with WIFI in United Kingdom (UK):-

United Kingdom , has a huge list of Starbucks location , but we’ll share specifically those who have WIFI services :-

  • Abington – Welcome Break , M74 Motorway, Junction 13Abington, Biggar , Lanarkshire, ENG ML12 6RG
  • Dumfries – Annan Road – Annan Road, Dumfries , Dumfries, ENG DG1 3SE
  • Dumfries – High Street – 144 – 148 High Street , Dumfries, SCT DG1 2BA
  • Livingston Designer Outlet – Unit 23Almondvale Avenue Livingston, SCT EH54 6HS
  • Hamilton – Palace Grounds RP DT , Unit D Palace Grounds RP , Hamilton, SCT ML3 6AD
  • Dalkeith – Bonnyrigg Rd DT , Bonnyrigg Rd , Edinburgh, SCT EH22 3FU
  • Edinburgh – Fountain Park Cineworld , Cineworld Cinemas, Fountain Park , Dundee Street130/133Edinburgh, SCT EH11 1AF

How Fast Is Starbucks WIFI ?

Starbucks is using Google’s Fiber Internet Service for all their store locations since last year. Earlier , They used AT & T Internet Service for their WIFI networks.

Google has also confirmed , They will setup Google Fiber Inter Service at around 7000 Starbucks locations.

In a recent blog , It has been reported , since Google’s supports Starbucks WIFI network , You can easily expect average download speeds of 24.9 MBPS , and upload speeds of 8.7 MBPS at any of Starbucks locations.

The Starbucks , at Orchards Market Center in Vancouver, Washington , reported the fasted download speed with around 72.3 MBPS , and with the fastest upload speed at 39.1 MBPS , reported at the Madison Ave., in Murrieta, California.

Is Starbucks WIFI Free ?

Yes , Starbucks offer’s 100% Free WIFI at any of their Store locations.

It was before 2010 , Customers had to use Starbucks Card to use the WIFI at Starbucks for 2 hours. But , After the most recent official announcement by Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks).

“Customers can enjoy free WIFI as long as they want , since it’s all about customer satisfaction , and Starbuck’s all about offering best services to their customers”.

Does Starbucks WIFI Have a Password ?

No , Starbucks WIFI does not require any password to connect.

If you are in any of Starbucks location in United States , you should see the “Google Starbucks” or “Google Teavana” , Just connect to it.

After connecting , You should see the Starbucks popup (If you don’t see it , Just browse any website , and you will be redirected to the Starbucks WIFI Portal)

Finally , Just read and accept the policies , and click on “Accept and Connect” to connect to the WIFI without any password.

Do All Starbucks Have Public WIFI ?

Starbucks have stared giving Free WIFI from 1st of July 2010 , If you happen to run into any Starbucks Store. You will be able to connect to their Free Public WIFI without paying a dime.

Starbucks have officially announced , they would be giving free unlimited WIFI to their customers , without any username and password login.

CEO of Starbucks have confirmed , “It was the most requested service across all Starbucks location , and was the priority request on“.

It was also reported that , People earlier , had to access to Starbucks WIFI for 2 hours. It was also only available to customers who were the members of My Starbucks Rewards Program.

Is there a Limit on Starbucks WIFI Usage ?

No , There’s no limit to WIFI usage at Starbucks . You could use unlimited free WIFI across all Starbucks location.

Earlier , Starbucks had a usage limit of 2 hours , but , Free WIFI was a top priority in MyStarbucksIdea portal , and had been requested by a lot of customers.

Starbucks officially have removed the WIFI usage limit , and have kept the WIFI free for all customers for all locations.

Can We Connect Starbucks WIFI from Parking Lot ?

Yes , You can connect Starbucks WIFI from any location , which is in the range of Starbucks WIFI Network.

If you need any assistance with connecting the WIFI at Starbucks , You can directly reach out to customer support team for help.

Final Thoughts

You can easily connect to WIFI at any Starbucks location , Starbucks team is ready to help you with anything in case you need help.

Nowadays , People have started working from Starbucks location , because of free internet facility provided by Starbucks.

Thanks for reading !

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