Does Spirit Airlines Have WIFI ? [Know Everything In 2022]


Are you planning to travel by Spirit Airlines ?

Do you want to know , if Spirit Airlines offer , WIFI for their customers or not ?

In this guide , We shall share all the details about the WIFI at Spirit Airlines , how to connect it , and what are the pricing plans for Spirit Airlines WIFI and much more.

Spirit is considered to be one of the low cost carriers , which has headquarters in Miami Florida.

It’s the best way as a travel option , if you are considering for flights from Caribbean , Central America and United States.

Is WIFI at Spirit Airlines really Free ?

No , WIFI at Spirit Airlines do not offer Free WIFI to their customers.

Instead they have WIFI pricing plans , which are really suitable for a lot of activities like streaming and browsing Internet , when you are abroad.

Most of the Airlines do not offer above average WIFI speeds , even after charging a lot of money or subscriptions from Customer.

Spirit Airlines , on the other hand is very affordable carrier to choose , from these range of options , also they do have very generous WIFI packages , which you can pre-purchase before you actually onboard the Flight.

Airlines CEO have also confirmed , about the WIFI enhancements , they could be doing in 2022 , and hence everybody should be benefited from the changes , they are planning to incorporate for smooth traveling.

You can easily pre-purchase the WIFI package , before your next flight.

Just make sure you are checking the WIFI option , when you are booking your Flights.

Spirit Airlines has also confirmed , that their aircraft A320 & A321 inbuilt have the High-Speed WIFI , and affordable in-flight entertainment Systems.

How to connect to Spirit Airlines WIFI ?

You can easily connect the WIFI at Spirit Airlines. All the steps below are fully functional and should work exactly the same in Android & iOS devices.

If in case , There are issues in connecting to the WIFI Network at Spirit Airlines , You can definitely reach out to the Customer Staff Team at the Airlines for help.

Here’s all the steps , You can take if you want to connect to Spirit Airlines WIFI : (Android + iOS Devices)

  1. Open You Device Settings, and Go to the “Network > WIFI Settings”
  2. Just Turn on the WIFI , and search for the “Spirit_WiFi” and connect to it.
  3. Once , You are connected to the Spirit Airlines Network , Open you favorite Browser.
  4. You can then open the “” and choose the WIFI plan , You want to opt for.
  5. Just select from the “Browsing Plan” or “Streaming Plan” , and pay via the preferred payment method you have.
  6. You can also choose to pay via any voucher code , and enjoy the WIFI on Airlines.

How much does WIFI cost at Spirit Airlines ?

Spirit Airlines have 2 WIFI plans , as of now , however they are constantly making changes as per the need of customers.

All the pricing plans are super affordable , and hence are highly recommended if you are looking to enjoy some videos , movies on the Flight.

Here’s the WIFI pricing options at Spirit Airlines :-

Browsing WIFI Plan:

If you are looking for a WIFI plan, that lets you stay connected with the social media , check up emails on from your Inbox and receive messages on WhatsApp from your loved ones. You should go for the “Browsing Plan”.

Browsing Plans at Spirit Airlines start at $2.99 , and are super good if you are not willing to spend a lot of money on Data packs , instead you just want to browse the Internet.

Streaming WIFI Plan:

In case , you want to watch movies , stream music and videos or watch your favorite content on YouTube. Streaming plan at Spirit Airlines starts at $5.99 , and almost has 20X speed than the normal browsing plan.

We highly recommend you to go and purchase , Streaming Plan, if you are willing to do some data intensive task , which requires a lot of Internet data.

All of the WIFI plans can be bought of pre-purchased from the Spirit Airlines portal.

There’s also a lot of offers and enhancement options , these plans have thus , if you are a frequent traveler of the Airlines , You can definitely get a premium annual package and save some money on the Internet WIFI plans altogether.

These enhancements , may also include a free streaming content , also an free browsing to streaming upgrade , with Google and Apple Pay options as well.

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