Does MacDonald’s have WIFI In 2022 ? [Know Everything]


Do you want to know if Macdonald’s provide WIFI for their Customers ?

In this Article , We shall guide , you on everything about WIFI at Macdonald’s, steps to connect to the WIFI Network at Macdonald’s and other details like if , the WIFI at Macdonald’s is Safe or not.

Macdonald’s might be everybody’s favorite place to visit for having burgers , but do you know , you can now enjoy WIFI at Macdonald’s too.

They provide WIFI services at all the locations , in United States and other parts of the world like India , United Kingdom and so on.

The Official Macdonald’s website has also confirmed , they are using AT & T WIFI services for all these locations.

There are around 11,500 WIFI Locations , and WIFI at these locations is completely Free to use use.

You can now very conveniently browse Internet , talk to people on video calls , on maybe even enjoy movies while you are very Coffee or spicy amazing burgers.

Everything is taken care by Macdonald’s staff , as they are super supportive.

Now , You know you can use WIFI at Macdonald’s , but do you want to know how to connect to Macdonald’s WIFI ?

Let’s , see all the steps you can follow to connect to Macdonald’s WIFI.

How to connect to Macdonald’s WIFI ?

If you are at any of Macdonald’s location , There’s a high chance you might find the WIFI network , which you can use for free.

We have compiled all the steps for connecting the WIFI at Macdonald’s for all the devices like Android , iOS or even your laptops.

These steps should work absolutely well in any cases. If you find any issues with connecting WIFI Network at Macdonald’s. You can directly reach out to the support staff at Macdonald’s and they should help you out 🙂

Now , Let’s see the steps for android and iOS.

Steps to connect to Macdonald’s WIFI on Android + iOS Devices :

To connect Macdonald’s WIFI Network , if you are using a Android device , is very easy with few simple steps:-

  • Open your Phone “Settings” , You should see the WIFI option in Network’s and Devices.
  • Now , Just Turn on the WIFI on your Phone. You should see a WIFI toggle button activated.
  • After turning on the WIFI , You should see list of WIFI Networks. Just select “McDonald’s Free WIFI” and connect to it.
  • Once you are successfully connected to WIFI since its password less , You will be redirected to Macdonald’s WIFI portal login Page.
  • Just click on the “Get Connected” button , and your device will have access to the Internet.

Feel free to browse any websites , you want , just make sure you are using the WIFI for the right purpose , since Macdonald’s WIFI does not let users do bit torrents downloads and other sensitive videos.

How to Find the Nearest Macdonald’s WIFI Easily ?

Suppose , you are stuck in some work and also super hungry at the moment , and really need a quick access to a nearest WIFI location.

But , you don’t really know , how to find it. Macdonald’s can help you out for sure.

Just follow below steps , to find out nearest Macdonald’s which has WIFI :-

  1. Navigate to Macdonald’s Store Locator , You can use your favorite browser like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Just enter the location in the search box , Enter the City or State or Country you are in.
  3. To search nearest WIFI locations at Macdonald’s , You can just click on “Search”.
  4. After clicking on “Search” , You can easily find all the locations in the City.
  5. Now , Under the “Services” tab , You can filter out from these locations , with all the stores having only “WIFI”.
  6. To Filter out , Just click on the “WIFI” checkbox , and it should filter all the locations which has WIFI only.
  7. Just note the address of the store location , and visit it .

If you don’t really know , the store location, You can always put the location in Google Maps to find it out. We hope with the Macdonald’s WIFI locater service , it will be super to find a store location which has WIFI.

How Fast is WIFI at Macdonald’s ?

Macdonald’s WIFI is quite reliable to use. It’s extremely fast , One report claim’s WIFI at Macdonald’s is best than any other restaurant’s or cafe’s across United States. All thanks to AT & T the service provider for WIFI at Macdonald’s.

Average WIFI speed’s at Macdonald’s hover around 4.15 MBPS upload speeds , with pretty good download speeds. One can easily stream high quality videos on YouTube , and also attend few videos call without Interruption , a user claimed.

However , You may experience different speeds at restaurant locations , Few restaurant’s have also confirmed , There’s more higher speeds at metro cities Locations like Georgia & California.

Does Macdonald have limit on WIFI Usage ?

NO , WIFI at Macdonald’s do not have Usage limits. You can use WIFI as long as you are there in range of WIFI Network at restaurant.

One good reason of using WIFI at Macdonald’s is because , you don’t really have to pay anything at all , You get to use the WIFI free of cost.

There’s more people using WIFI , and actually more corporate people are carrying out work from these restaurant’s location.

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