Does Hawaiian Airlines Have WIFI ?[Everything You Need To Know In 2022]


Are you planning to fly by Hawaiian Airlines In 2022 ?

Hawaiian Airlines is the best Airlines option , in case you are planning to travel to and from Hawaii , ( which is a US State).

Do you want to know if , Hawaiian Airlines offer WIFI Services ? , What are the basic WIFI plans for usage onboard.

In this guide , We will share all the details about WIFI services in Hawaiian Airlines , Read on to find more.

Does Hawaiian Airlines Offer Free WIFI ?

Yes , Hawaiian Airlines do offer free WIFI services to all the customers. It has been possible because , They have partnered with SpaceX’s Internet Project called as “Starlink”.

Earlier , The Air Carrier did not offer any WIFI services , but recently Hawaiian Airlines CEO has confirmed saying:-

“We had waited for a long to build the WIFI infrastructure , due to some Technology limitations”. After partnering with Starlink , We expect to onboard the best in class WIFI service , to comfort our customers”.

It is confirm , that the WIFI is totally free of cost , and offered for all transoceanic routes from the Hawaii Islands to Continental Regions , US and Oceania.

Airlines also released the major WIFI installations , will be completed these Year , and for all the Aircrafts except Boeing 717 planes . (which are majorly inter-island travel options)

Steps to connect WIFI in Hawaiian Airlines :-

Hawaiian Airlines have an app for Android and iPhone devices , All the customer’s who have the app on their phones , can enjoy free in-Flight entertainment service offered by Carrier.

You can follow all the below steps , to connect with the WIFI at Hawaiian Airlines , and have fun !

  • Step 1 : Just download the Hawaiian Airlines App , before you begin your journey with Airlines.
    • The App is available for both devices: Android and iPhones.
  • Step 2 : Turn on the location services in your device.
    • Make sure, You have given all the location access to the Hawaiian Airlines App. You can cross -check in Settings.
    • For Android Users:-
      • Navigate to Settings > Turn on Location Service.
      • Now , Just go to the Settings > Apps.
      • Give Location access to the Hawaiian Airlines app.
    • For iOS Users:-
      • Navigate to Settings > Privacy. (To make sure Location Services is ON)
      • Now , Just find Hawaiian Airlines App , Give Location permissions.
      • You can select from “Always” or “When using only Hawaiian Airlines App”
  • Step 3 : Once , You have onboarded the Hawaii Airlines Flight.
    • Just follow below steps to connect to the Hawaii Airlines WIFI network:-
      • Turn on the Airplane More on your device , and try connecting “Hawaiian Air WIFI” from WIFI Networks.
      • If you are using Mobile or Tablet:-
        • Once you are connected to the Hawaiian Airlines , WIFI Network. Open Hawaiian Airlines App , select more and browse In-Flight Entertainment.
      • If you are using Laptop:-
        • Once connected , Navigate to , You can just browse around and play content you like.
        • Please make sure , You need to use Google Chrome for accessing the website , since Mozilla , Edge and other browsers are not really supported.

Hawaiian Airlines WIFI Plans :-

There’s no Fee for using WIFI , WIFI in Hawaiian Airlines is absolutely free of cost. Customer’s are really amazed by the service offered by the Carrier.

We highly recommend to keep Hawaiian Airlines as your default option for travel from and to Islands. It’s very great , since all other major Airlines have been offering WIFI service as a paid option.

American Airlines being the most expensive option , which charges around $59.65 for WIFI subscriptions. While Frontier Airlines do not offer these services , since it add costs’ on the end customers.

Final Thoughts

Hawaiian Airlines is actually one of the the most comfortable option to choose , if you are planning to fly to Hawaii.

Other carriers include , Alaska Airlines  , American Airlines and more. All the services including WIFI is totally free of cost in the Airlines , hence , no monthly subscriptions or memberships.

We hope all the information , help you to actually get an overall idea about WIFI services offered by Hawaiin Airlines.

Feel free to let us know in comments , in case you need more help 🙂

Thanks for reading !

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