Does Costa Have WIFI ? [Everything To Know In 2022]


Are you planning to have a Coffee at your Favorite Costa Shop ?

Costa Coffee has become a go-to place , for anyone who want’s to get some work done , or maybe meet a loved one over a Coffee.

But , Do you really want to know , if Costa offer a Free WIFI service for their customers ? You have come the right place.

In this article , We shall share all the details if Costa offer Free WIFI services to customers , is WIFI at costa really secure and good.

Let’s start

Does Costa Offer Free WIFI To Customers In 2022 ?

Costa has partnered with O2 WIFI service provider , to provide Free WIFI Internet across all the stores.

User’s can now experience Free WIFI in any of the Costa Coffee shops , across United States , UK and Asia.

However , Costa does have a 30 min restriction for accessing the WIFI without signup. Costa do offer , an unlimited and Instant WIFI connectivity for members who have a Costa Club Membership.

Recently Costa Marketing Director (Kevin Hydes) has confirmed , ” On Average , People tend to spend almost half an hour in Costa , thus offering uninterrupted WIFI service at good speed was a top most priority to cater for our customers”.

He also stated , They are very delighted to work with O2 for rolling out the WIFI Services , and continue to provide best in class services to the customers.

At Costa , Customers who have a costa club memberships , we have unlimited Free access to the Internet , as long as they want.

The Costa’s move for restricting access is inspired by few other Coffee operators in the space , Starbucks offers WIFI for 2 hours , post that , You have to reconnect to the WIFI Network.

While , Coffee Republic only allows WIFI access for 10 mins , and then asks the customer to pay to continue accessing the Internet.

Is WIFI at Costa really secure ?

Yes , Costa WIFI are secure to access. There’s few things , you should definitely look into , before getting into a connection.

Everybody want’s to access the WIFI in a super fast way. There’s few things you always need to make sure , before you are connecting to a public WIFI. The Public WIFI is not really , as secure as our WIFI (which you access at home).

We are specifically not talking about “Costa Coffee” Stores , here , but you should definitely ensure few things before you connect to any of outside WIFI Network.

  • Don’t have weak passwords for any of your logins. (especially banks , social media logins , emails etc)
  • Don’t open any suspicious links on the device . (Laptop + Mobile Devices)
  • Always have a firewall installed in your Device. (Helps’ to secure your device internet layers from accessing from third party users)
  • Don’t really follow Links to any important websites.

If you take a note of all these steps , You should be in a fairly good state to secure your way out to using Public WIFI’s at coffee shops like Costa , Starbucks etc.

Is WIFI Speed at Costa really Good ?

WIFI Speeds at Costa is overall good with 45 MBPS download and Uploads speeds , If you planning to have a meeting while you are having your Coffee , Costa Coffee is the best place to be at.

You can easily stream YouTube videos , conduct Zoom meetings and send emails without disturbing your work.

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