Does Copa Airlines Have WIFI ? [Read This In 2022]


Are you planning to fly by Copa Airlines , and want to know if Copa Airlines Offer WIFI to their Travelers , You have come to the right place.

Copa Airlines , is a known to be the best for providing cheapest and affordable flights to America , It’s currently headquartered in Panama.

Lot of people have been asking on social media , if the Airlines provide Inflight entertainment or WIFI abroad.

But , Sadly ,Copa Airlines do not offer WIFI Services , when you onboard their Airlines.

The discussion has been officially confirmed by the carrier , They are planning to improve the technological infrastructure for these services , and decide different aspects which could help customers or Travelers.

However , Copa Airlines do offer Inflight Entertainment Services. Customers who travel by Copa Airlines have an option to get “Copa Show Pass” , which is a Onboard Entertainment System offered by the Airline.

How to connect Copa Show Pass WIFI Network :-

“Copa Show Pass” is a great Inflight entertainment service offered by Airline that allows customers or Travelers to watch unlimited movies , series and other videos when you are traveling. Copa Airlines also have a entertainment app , which you can easily download from App store and Play Store.

You can also read , Panoramic Magazines / Stream music , or even access lot of other information about the ongoing flights. It’s certainly a great way , to pass your leisure time , and have fun with your journey.

To access the WIFI Network for using “Copa Show Pass” Entertainment services , You first have to follow below steps in your Android or iPhone device:-

(Note: All steps would work exactly same on Laptop and other devices , In case if you are having issues with the steps , You can definitely contact Copa Air Staff for help)

  • Navigate to “Settings” > “Networks & WIFI” on your Device (Android / iPhone / iPad) etc.
  • Now , Just Turn on the “WIFI” option. You should be able to see all the near ranged WIFI networks around you.
  • Just connect to the “Copa Show Pass” WIFI Network. The network is completely password less , and requires no authentication for connecting.
  • Once connected , Just open your favorite Browser. You can choose from Safari and Chrome , since these 2 are supported by the service.
  • Finally , Just enter the “” , You will get access to unlimited content from like Videos , Music and other Streaming Content.
  • You can now select the preferences accordingly , and enjoy your stay with the Airline watching free content.

Does Copa Airlines have Inflight Entertainment ?

Yes , Copa Airlines do have an Inflight Entertainment system , It’s called “Copa Show Pass”. It’s a completely free service offered by Copa Airlines to customers , to enjoy free Movies , TV Shows , Music and other read magazines online.

When you onboard the Copa Airlines , You don’t really need to have any movies or music on your phone. Airlines have their own entertainment app , you can stream content for free. You also don’t need to have any disk space on your devices like Android & iPhone.

The App is currently available for Android Users , and can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store or (Aircraft Server). We highly recommend you to download the app before you board the flight due to internet data issues at the airport locations.

Here’s few steps to connect to onboard Inflight system on your android and iOS devices:-

You first need to open Copa Airlines app , to access the free Copa Show Pass .

In Android Devices:-

  • Once the Copa Airlines App is open on your device.
  • Just click on the main menu , which you can easily find in the lower section of the app.
  • Now , Just click on the “More” option , to access the “Inflight Entertainment” option.

In iOS Devices:-

  • On iOS devices , You can find the option in the main menu.
  • Just click on the “Inflight Entertainment” option to access it.

One good reason to board Copa Airlines , is they have the Inflight Entertainment systems on all the Aircrafts.

Additionally , You can also have USB Charging with A types support , and make sure to bring your own headphones to enjoy hours of music and entertainment , have fun 🙂

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