Does American Airlines Have WIFI ? [Everything To Know In 2022]


Are you planning to travel by American Airlines ?

Do you want to know if they offer WIFI service on international and domestic flights , then You have come to the right place.

In this article , We shall share all the details about how to access Internet on American Airlines , what plans do they offer and so on.

American Airlines ask customers to pay for the WIFI service , hence it’s not really free.

Travelers who have an AAdvantage membership , can access in-flight Internet.

How To Connect to WIFI at American Airlines ?

American Airlines offer 2 plans for accessing the upgraded High Speed Internet connection on all valid domestic flights.

You can connect to the WIFI network when you onboard on your Phone or maybe Laptop , and have fun with browsing the Internet , by checking emails and video streaming services like HULU , Netflix and HBO.

Steps to connect American Airlines WIFI :-

If you are using the Laptop or Mobile devices , just follow steps below to start using the WIFI at American Airlines:-

  1. Turn on the WIFI on your device (Laptop or Mobile)
  2. Connect to the “AA-Inflight” WIFI Network.
  3. Once you have connected to their WIFI network , You will be redirected to or

You will then have to enter your details for login into the WIFI Network. Once your login is valid , You will get access to the inflight WIFI network.

Since , accessing the Internet is a paid service , You should have a AAdvantage account with any of their WIFI plans.

American Airlines do offer a pay as you fly WIFI plan , which costs around $10 , for almost all routes.

You might also find Gogo 2K Satellite Internet on some of their flights , while a lot of these flights offer Viasat WIFI.

You might be able to access the WIFI in very affordable way , if you happen to have a Gogo subscription. You can save a lot of money , instead of paying for American Airlines WIFI packages.

If you want to connect via “GoGo Flight” , Just follow below steps :-

  • After connecting you will be redirected to GoGo Internet portal to access the GoGo Network.

Plans for WIFI at American Airlines:-

American Airlines offer 2 WIFI plans , which you can decide from if you are flying with the Airline. They offer these plans on domestic flights , thus international flights might be somewhat different.

WIFI Plans for Domestic Flights

For Domestic Flights , American Airlines offer , 2 passes , All-Day Pass and Traveler Pass:-


  • All day pass is valid for 12 months from date of actual purchase , You will have to pay $14.00 + Taxes.

Traveler Pass:

  • If you travel often from American Airlines , You can opt for a Traveler Pass , which is actually a Monthly subscription costing around $49.95 + Taxes. They also offer a $59.95 for a 2 Device Monthly Plan.

Most of the WIFI subscriptions plan are almost all the domestic flights , mainly operating from the airports within United States. All other countries like Canada , Central America , where WIFI network is operational.

WIFI Plans for International Flights

American Airliners international flights , do have individual pricing , but there might be some change in the WIFI plans at the moment.

Currently , the Panasonic WIFI services are not actually added in American Airlines subscription plan.

However , If you want to purchase any of these plans , You need to fulfill few requirements at your end:-

  • You should have a AAdvantage Membership Account.
  • You should also have an valid email address (which is saved in your AAdvantage Account)
  • You should have a Credit Card with US billing Address (saved in AAdvantage Account)

What is the Speed of WIFI on American Airlines ?

As per the recent Study by DoNotPay , They have published a report on the WIFI speeds of American Airlines. It says , You can have a decent download speed of around 500 – 600 KBPS and an upload speed of 300 KBPS.

Does American Airlines Have a WIFI App ?

Yes , American Airlines have a free app , it’s called AA Inflight Entertainment App. The app let’s you browse cool video streaming services , watch online videos, play music for free. You don’t even need to have a WIFI connection at all. All the services from the app are totally free.

If you want to access unlimited entertainment by AA , Just follow below steps to get the app:-

  1. Navigate to App Store or Play Store to download AA Flight Entertainment App.
  2. After Installation , Just connect to the AA Network . (GoGo or ViaSat , it depends)
  3. Finally , Open the browser and select from the “Live TV” or “Free Entertainment”
  4. Select the video watch show , or any particular movie from the list.
  5. Just hit the Play button to watch.

If you want to access Apple Music for unlimited free music on AA app , You will need to have a connection with ViaSat Network.

Does First Class get Free WIFI on American Airlines ?

Absolutely Yes , You can unlimited free inflight Entertainment on American Airlines App , You can browse around your favorite TV Shows and Movies , when you are travelling.

Final Thoughts

American Airlines , do offer the best in class customer service to all the customers , who fly with them.

They offer free unlimited entertainment services through their AA Inflight App , You just need to download the app , before taking or boarding the flight.

However , One must have a AAdvantage account , to actually buy the WIFI plans on American Flights , since , the most affordable WIFI plan is $10 , for all the domestic routes.

That’s it.

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