Does Alaska Airlines Have Free WIFI ? [Updated in 2022]

Are you planning to travel by Alaska Airlines for the coming Trip ?

Well you might be super interested to know , if Alaska Airlines offer Free WIFI to all their travelers across the globe.

Alaska Airlines , is by far the best airlines to travel , if you are specifically looking for more comfortable flights in United States.

It’s an American Airline which is mainly operated in North America , and is headquartered in SeaTac, Washington.

Yes , Alaska Airlines do offer WIFI for all the customers , who are willing to travel from the Airlines. They have a flat $8 pricing plan , for all the routes they serve. However , They also offer some other pricing plans with monthly subscriptions. You can easily check : WIFI Plans at Alaska Airlines

The Inflight WIFI Service is provided by an service company called the “Intelsat” , which is acquired by another giant Internet company called as “GoGo Inflight Internet” in 20202.

The Airway carrier has confirmed that almost 80% of Aircraft Carriers are already equipped with the Inflight Satellite WIFI , with extremely high bandwidth and speeds , and expect to complete the entire WIFI rollout by start of 2023.

However , There are few short journey routes , wherein some Aircrafts like 737-9 MAX  and all Q400 aircraft are not really supported by the Internet Services , mostly the Satellite WIFI. (which they claim to have better speeds than normal Airline WIFI)

Alaska Airlines have been offering WIFI services to customers for some time now , Recently they have slashed the prices of Internet to a flat $8. Hence , You will be able to access the Satellite Internet WIFI , with convenient pricing options.

Another reason for choosing Alaska Airlines , is they always run few campaigns for customers , where in if you have a Miles card , You might be able to get a Free checking baggage with a 20% off on all the Inflight purchases , you do at the Airlines with more complimentary benefits . Now That’s Awesome , Isn’t it ?

Currently , The Carrier has 2 WIFI options , Each option supports the data plans according to the usage and the Aircraft Need and Model.

These plans are :-

  • Streaming WIFI -(Satellite WIFI)
  • Basic WIFI

Alaska Airlines Streaming WIFI – What to expect ?

Since , Majority of the Alaska Airlines are already equipped with the super fast Inflight Satellite Plans. You can definitely expect a decent WIFI speeds , and It also includes the Airbus Aircraft. ( if you are lucky 🙂 )

You can easily binge-watch all your favorite shows at around 20X more speeds , than the normal WIFI.

The overall WIFI speed is sufficient , where in you can easily chat , streaming online movies , and watch is very comfortable too.

A lot of customers have already stated about the having a very good experience with WIFI speed , however , since there’s a bit of infrastructure challenges at the Aircraft’s WIFI technology.

There might happen sometimes, with Internet speed interruptions , since the speed of the Aircraft, is sometime really fast (i.e. > 600 MPH) , which is not really fast as to catch up with the WIFI Internet Speed.

Alaska Airlines Basic WIFI

Alaska Airlines do have a basic WIFI in-place , since it’s more of a service which is usually available with E175 & 737 Aircraft’s.

One thing to note about the basic WIFI is , it’s not really supported for data intensive tasks like Streaming , watch movies due to limited Internet bandwidth available.

Downloading of large files and attachments is also not supported in this case of Basic WIFI.

Basic WIFI speeds at Alaska Airlines can be enough if you want to read emails , browse Facebook , and chat online with your friends on WhatsApp.

The Airlines official website has also confirmed , You may not be able to experience the the Basic WIFI as it’s not really offered on few of the routes like (if you are specifically flying to Costa Rica , Hawaii and Mexico) .

As mentioned , All the basic plans are priced the same as $8 on E175 Aircrafts ,however you may see a price change in few other Aircrafts depending on the availability again.

WIFI Usage Cost at Alaska Airlines :-

How to connect to Alaska Airlines Inflight WIFI ?

As we mentioned , It’s extremely easy to connect to the Inflight WIFI , Just follow few easy steps , and you should be able to connect to the Alaska Airlines WIFI Network in no time. All the steps can be followed on iOS and Android devices , (thus if you even have Laptop i.e. Windows , steps should be same , just a different UI)

Steps to Connect to Alaska WIFI on ( Android + iOS Devices)

  • Open the Settings > Network & WIFI Settings
  • Turn on the WIFI (by clicking on the toggle button) , It should list all the nearest WIFI Networks.
  • Search for “Alaska Airlines” or “GoGo Inflight Airlines” in the WIFI Networks.
  • Now , Just click on the WIFI Networks , and you should get connected to the WIFI.
  • Navigate to your favorite browser and open “”. Just fill in few details and you should be good.
  • Finally , You can choose if you want browse Internet , watch Entertainment shows or just do a free-texting.

If you are able to follow the above steps , You should definitely be able to connect the WIFI Network as Alaska Airlines.

List of Alaska Airlines WIFI Movies , Shows – Inflight Entertainment

Did we mention that Alaska Airlines too offer an Inflight Entertainment System for their Travelers. ? Well , That’s what we will talk about.

Airlines has got a huge catalogue of Movies , Entertainment shows , live reality shows at totally free of costs , where travelers can enjoy their time on flight enjoying and binge-watch movies and shows for free.

Here’s some great movies you can easily watch by connecting the Alaska Airlines WIFI Network ,

  • 7 Days
  • A Journal For Jordan
  • Belfast
  • Hurricane Bianca
  • Licorice Pizza
  • Marry Me
  • Kinky Boots

There are some TV Shows as well , You can watch all your way to flight.

Here’s a list of most popular TV Shows , You can watch at Alaska Airlines :-

  • Curious George
  • Duck Tales
  • Legendary
  • Tig Notaro: Drawn
  • Magic Bake-Off

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Alaska Airlines :-

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